200 Las Vegas Edgespot Nexgen Discount Poker Chip and Clear Aluminum Review

Sometimes it’s the little things that make a difference when you host a poker party. This is so true; We invited my relatives and in-laws to a big gathering last summer, where the hot topic was our fancy table covers. When we held a poker event for everyone before the kids got back to school, the party talk was our 200 Las Vegas Edgespot Nexgen discount poker chip set with transparent aluminum case.

Keep in mind that we only had 40 people here and 27 who actually get into the game. This excludes everyone who was not old enough to play anyway. However, the reception was well noted and the highest compliment came from my wife’s grandfather, James. He said; “Karl, in all the years I’ve played poker, I’ve never seen anything like your poker sets you bought. Anyone who took them into a room would look like James Bond. In Sean Connery’s years, of course. . ”

While he’s always fun, once I thought a little, he was right dominoqq. The case is made of aircraft aluminum, and although you think it would be heavy, it is actually quite light. Since there’s a scratch-resistant piece of glass on top, it’s almost as if the contents were noticeable but turned into grenades or something. Okay, this is definitely exaggerated and movie-like, but it’s all so much fun.

The 200 Las Vegas Edgespot Nexgen discount and chip set with clear aluminum housing also offers plenty of chips for your game. We ended up buying more simply because we didn’t know how many would play, and it was a good thing we did. When you see them, the authentication is magnificent. Seriously, we could not have made a better choice.

I love to tell others about the products we use or buy, even outside of poker stuff. However, this is just one of the few I have written over the years when there is nothing negative or even neutral to say. The cost came with a discount, it was cheap for everything you get and they really make you feel like you are playing in a casino. Yes, the atmosphere could probably be better, but it’s definitely more fun than using plastic chips.

In the end, the Las Vegas Edgespot Nexgen 200 Poker Chip set with transparent aluminum case made our personal game a better experience for everyone involved. Now is probably the time to get new poker tables, coasters, small and big buttons, and everything else that will make the game as much like a casino as possible.


Aced Poker Review – Volume, Software and Competition

Aced Poker

Is a very popular skin and is hosted on the U.S Friendly Merge Network. Aced Poker is an obvious choice due to their very loose games and their healthy sustained player base, the site itself looks very inviting and Aced will most definitely continue to grow over the years. In this poker site review, we’ll try to cover the most important factors when it comes to choosing a site.

Variety Game

Aced Poker offers a very wide array of poker games available. You will be able to play the most standard types of poker games like; Texas Hold’em, Omaha, Stud & Razz, and some of the more rare types like Draw games & Badugi. You can play Sit N Go’s, Tournaments, Cash, Heads-up etc etc, in short, Aced has a lot to offer when it comes to poker games situs poker online.

Aced Poker also offers casino side games if you feel like gambling.

Traffic Volume

Aced Poker may be relatively new, but they still succeeded in attracting many new players due to their very loose games and attractive interface. You can expect Aced to peak at around 6,000 players and around 1,500 players at their lowest, ensuring good volume and high activity even at their lowest. Aced definitely belongs in the top 15 when it comes to traffic.


Aced Poker offers excellent ’round-the-clock support, consisting of a highly dedicated and knowledgeable support staff that is ready to answer your questions with crisp details any time of the day. Their response time is extremely fast and most times you can expect an answer within 24 hours. Unfortunately you can only contact Aced by email, this is not necessarily a bad thing since email is the most common contact option.

Aced Poker offers a very detailed FAQ to answer most of your common questions. Aced wants everyone to gamble responsibly, so if you feel like you can’t control your gambling, you can activate restrictions or completely shut down certain games in order to keep your gambling under control.

Software and Features

The first thing you’ll notice when you fire up Aced Poker’s software is that it looks very inviting, the graphics are simple yet good looking, so if you like it clean you’ll definitely like this poker room. The software is hosted by merge, one of the best poker software providers in the business which ensures fast & great functionality.

Aced Poker provides the most standard features like multi-tabling, graphics tweaking, table stats etc but they also offer a few non-standard ones like; Vector Graphics – enables you to resize your poker tables to any size you want and still maintain crisp clear graphics. Player Acolades – For every major event held at Aced Poker you can win an Acolade that goes into your player box, so if you win you can get your own customized ribbon to show off your achievements at the poker tables. Rabbit Hunt – perfect if you’re results oriented, (although we hope you aren’t) enables you to display what cards could have been on the flop, turn, or river even after the hand has ended. And much more.

Soft Competition

One of the great things about Aced Poker is that the games have always been managed to be very loose for some reason, the site is filled with bad players, and if you’ve got the basics down you are sure to beat the majority of players that exists on the site. Even though most of the bad players are swimming around at the low stakes, there is a decent amount of terrible players at the mid-high stakes too, definitely worse than your average poker site.


Aced Poker’s tournament schedule is stacked with rewarding tournaments of all kinds like big guaranteed’s, bounty tournaments, shootouts, and live satellites that are available all day, every day.

Some of Aced’s biggest tournaments include; $ 4,000 Daily Deepstack, $ 5,000 Daily Deepstack 2x a day, $ 7,000 Guaranteed, Saturday $ 12,500 Guaranteed Freezeout, the $ 15,000 Nightly, and Aced’s big flagship tournament, the Sunday $ 125,000 Guaranteed. There are also smaller tournaments running throughout the day where you can buy-in from as little as $ 0.06, making Aced a very good place even for the lowest of bankrolls.


Aced is definitely one of the better places to go to when it comes to freerolls, as a new depositing player you are granted 14 days of entry to the $ 500 Freeroll Depositor. Aced also offers five $ 200 freerolls a day for anyone to play, that coupled with the VIP freerolls means there’s a lot of opportunities to make free money every day.

Best Promotions and Bonuses

Aced Poker offers one of the best poker bonuses, 150% up to $ 750 which is paid in increments of $ 5.00. Aced offers a great amount of rolling promotions so make sure you check back to their site from time to time, they also have awesome promotions that are there to stay, some of these include; The Bad Beat Jackpot, where you have the chance to win a huge amount of cash – even if you lose, whenever you lose with Four of a kind 7’s or better you’ll win the Bad Beat Jackpot, all poker.

Cell Poker Uncovered – Get Real Cash Playing Poker in Your Cell or Cell Telephone

Determining to play with poker onto your own cell telephone is very potentially among the greatest selections you may make for those who really do it correctly. The simplicity of making consistent dollars normally grow with plenty using the most suitable way of thinking. At the duration of the short article you are going to develop an even far more complete notion of the more important variances and positive aspects of earning the swap in addition to two or three a few ideas on the best way to proceed out of pkv games.

What is the Big Handle Cell Poker Anyhow?

Some of the primary factors you’ll discover if you get the swap to cell is people generally engage in a whole lot faster when they perform on line. The cause of it is they are regularly out and around only half focusing whilst still over your own phone rather than sitting in a personal computer with serious attention potentially over a couple of tables. Since you’ll likely gather out of that which I have said presently that you never desire to collapse under an identical snare they really are. Youpersonally, the cell poker ace might require to play with mobile phone poker together with attention and maybe not overburdened since you talk with a buddy in a pub.

What’s the Finest Cell Poker Space?

There certainly are a number of poker rooms out there there and you also may demonstrably need to get the one which can be found to a own area and also onto the version of the phone. The most effective ones whom I’ve personally played with far was Aces Roy Al that might be performed worldwide nevertheless you might have to make use of wireless in a


Even the Aces Roy Al poker space is currently established the a-3 stage that’s the quickest gaming system from the Earth, based on executives in some big cellular telephone producer. The state note out of their internet site states this on their own poker space:”Cecure Gaming multi player matches really are therefore rapidly, a new player may create a stake in London, and also the bet will likely be over a cellphone at newzealand faster compared to the expert footballer’s punishment kick may hit on the trunk of the internet”

Growing on Cell Poker Rooms

Usually you’ll realize that in the event that you engage in in the day and at nighttime you’re getting to encounter upon the saturday and sunday audience. That really is true for poker however will be more conspicuous on internet poker matches. You may throw a great deal of pots now since you can find a few free cannons, generating dreadful bluffs plus some that simply move in to every single hand in most hand.

Simply play poker in some moment which you’d ordinarily play internet poker rooms. If you’re surrounded with distractions or so are outside with a fantastic timing you’re going to be at the mercy of exactly the exact elements which produce winning in these tables therefore simple.

It is Time for You to Begin with…

This truly may be the trick of this iceberg on actively playing with mobile poker, so that the chances are almost infinite. You can find quite a lot of sites which examine the many different chambers offered and offer indepth information about latest poker suggestions and suggestions.

You may also find some sites which offer dwell video clips of poker periods therefore that you may literally see on the shoulder full time poker gamers and also hear observe just how they would play since they clarify what’s certainly going right through their own mind. I would advise after no less than a few to remain current about the hottest progress. Just continue in your mind there isn’t any replacement authentic live adventure the next thing to do is always to begin winning one of those many online poker rooms!