Smoking in Movies is Irrelevant

Every couple of decades, an activist group will decide that probably the most evil thing in the world may be the image of celebrities smoke in movies. Everything started using TV, and also the first”success” for these activists was banning television cigarette in . Gone are the days where you’re able to start Saturday morning cartoons and see Joe Camel chillout and smoke a cigarette. Subsequently a bands moved after smoking on TV and nowadays, it’s hard to grab a Prime Time TV character lighting up one. On TV, it makes sense because those images are blasted through living spaces every night across America. But it starts to produce less sense when you take that struggle to the silver screen.

The irony is that I despise cigarettes. More than that, I hate cigarette smoke and also the person smoking near me. I genuinely despise smokes and I’d be OK when these were prohibited and I had to visit some one smoking one in public. But the simple fact remains they, just like a lot of things which can be bad for youpersonally, are totally legal. However, the issue at hand here is not whether or not cigarettes are bad for you because all of us know they have been. The issue is whether they need to be banned in the movies, or if their addition in a film constitutes an”R” rating.

The dilemma of that is that if you should be making a picture that happens before 1985 (or so), then you’re going to have to demonstrate someone smoking. From the 50’s, just about everyone smoked and having a picture take place in that time, specially in the event that you own”bad” characters, you must show somebody smoking. Not every movie is put on having every tiny detail exact, but for those supervisors and producers that want to create a realistic picture, they are going to get to own people smoking.

It’s tough to know what you may say and everything you could do without breaking folks. Heck, offended groups can’t even be consistent therefore everything you say or do now can be acceptable offensive and now to morrow. But I feel that the whole problem of smoking is becoming out of hand. We all know smoking is bad, but do not rely on Hollywood to help your message. Hollywood is not responsible for raising kids or telling the environment of these dangers that individuals may face.

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