4 Good Signs To Help You Catch Your Opponent Bluffing During A Poker Game

There is nothing more satisfying than catching someone on a bluff. Many people consider it luck, but there are many tells which can help you judge weather your opponent has a hand or is merely chancing his luck. I have outlined 4 good indicators which should help you quickly assess each particular situation.

They have missed on the flop and don’t want to lose controlĀ https://bakatpoker.cc .

If they bet pre-flop from a poor position they will generally have high cards, and the flop hits 2-2-6 , they are probably just trying to keep up the pressure and bluff you out. If it is only the two of you, re-raise them and see what they do. At worst they will figure you on a pair of 6’s

The pot looks tempting.

If everyone folds on the turn with a big pot, you will always get someone willing to bluff. The pot odds are good so expect it. If you have a hand, it’s often worth your while going with it.

They bet on the Flop, checked on the turn.

If there was a flush draw, and it didn’t hit, they are probably just buying a free card. You might consider throwing in a raise and see what they do.

Bet on the flop, bet on the turn, checked on the river.

Again they might have been fishing and missed so if the pot is worth winning throw in a raise.

Now you have 4 good indicators, why not test these at your weekly home game or faceless opponents online?

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